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Meditation of union of collective intent, july the 7th 2020 at 07.07 am

03 Giugno 2020 • in: Meditazione



On July the 7th
2020 at 07:07 am
let’s combine our aim

I have a message for the ones reading the following lines.
My name is Michela Marini, I’m the author of the blog “Diario di una ragazza Indaco” published in Italy.
During December 2019 I felt the call to convey and sustain a message.
Along the years I’ve always felt strongly the mission to convey words, texts, symbols and art in order to
involve and accompany people, if needed, in the shift of consciousness that will come.
I never had a clear “when”,as the transformative energy is timeless.

In the beginning of January 2020 this call became stronger and stronger, clearer and clearer, until the words
“CRITICAL MASS” shaped in my mind, in my dreams and in my heart.

I watched this energy flow, waiting for THE sign that would make the bell ring.
This sign appeared a few days ago, and now here I am, writing and writing to you how things are and what
I/we are called to accomplish.


It’s clear to everyone now that something huge got activated through the global pandemic involving the whole population of the planet. I want to make clear that this is not at all the place where to discuss it’s origines or instrumentalization. What has happened since the first months of the year triggered a stormy and powerful change within the consciousness of the people. What used to be will never get back as it was. What we were used to be is completely transforming.

This refers to EVERYONE.
Nobody is excluded.
We all are involved.

Slowly slowly the events will guide us towards the direction that will lead us closer to our opening center,
which I will call “heart” in order to give an easier and more direct understanding of what I’m conveying.
It’s extremely important to keep always in mind that within the heart dwells our most ancient wisdom, our
determination, all our resources to face every kind of event that will take place, and to face it at the best of our possibilities.

We have all the means and tools in our hands. Since ever.

Everything, I’ll repeat it, EVERYTHING is always for our highest good. I know this statement may sound
absurd. There’s a lot of suffering around the world, is that for our highest good?- you may say.
I do understand. To me it has been a huge fight and challange to accept and understand that.
Yet, what is most important is to be able to acknowledge truth. The truth I’m talking about is the truth of the soul. Not something regarding concepts, words, political parties, religion.
I’m not here to tell you what to believe in or which one is the truth.
I trust in each and everyone of you/us because I know, in my center/heart, that within each individual dwells the seed of love.
If we will be able to nourish this seed, it will sprout with the authentic values that humanity carries as a
If we will be able to take care of these values, the net of unity will reach to all the lands in the planet.
If we will manage to reach all the lands of Our Earth, the crown of our inner growth will give abundance,
shelter, breath to every living being of the planet.


As we can notice along history, after a literary, artistic, cultural, social period or even a political one, the
following time use to be either a derivation or often a reaction to the one that has just finished. This has
happened always when a sufficient number of people began to think, accept and visualize a possibility of
change in that direction. By definition, the “critical mass” is the minimum quantitative threshold beyond which a qualitative mutation happens.
(if you’d like to dive into the “critical mass” topic you may read this article – the importance of a critical mass and of global meditations)
Going back to the metaphore above, about the seed/sprout, each one of us is a part, from the cradle to the
grave, of this potential critical mass. Let’s remember that We Are All ONE. (11:11)
Each one of us is the potential 1 more among the mass (making it critical), who may make a difference and shift the direction of our timeline. That timeline is the collective consciousness put into the reality we are living now. Switch or move this reality doesn’t mean to travel in time or in whatever dimension. It simply means to bring our intention of love to manifest in the here and now.
During these last years many people got acquainted with the mass manipulation through medias, politics,
governments. What have been done was to manipulate our minds in order to direct them in the timeline they preferred. Acting and living unconsciously in that timeline means to live in the past and future with anxiety, dependency, fear and ignorance. That’s the perfect recipe for whomsoever intends to submit the Light. (Human Beings)
The mind is a powerful system given by nature to each and every human being. If it’s disconnected from the heart it’s malleable, dull, unconscious. If it’s connected to the heart (to our center) it can be the maximum manifestation of the divine creator that is within each one of us.
The critical mass is the meaningful EVENT that for millennia ancient populations were trying to realize. It’s the sacred Graal, the ascent of the divine, the manifestation of the universe in each and every one of us.


Prepearing the collectivity for the critical mass event 2020 is characterized by several important dates (numerology) and remarkable astral positions (astrology).
These events are what I call “bridges” crossing the current timeline, offering us the faculty to choose if we
enter them knowingly or not. (you can find the key 2020 dates at the bottom of the article)
According to Tantric numerology, number 7 stands for “the elevation platform”. According to traditional
numerology, number 7 stands for the mystical research, every kind of discovery and knowing.
You can notice the importance of number Seven, for these aspects, from the high number of times it repeats both in spiritual and religious matters.
Let’s just think about how many times the number seven appears in the Old Testment or in our life. Just to
give some examples, we can remember the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven days of the week, the
seven musical notes, the seven Buddha’s steps, the seven Chakras and so on.

July the 7th 2020 at 07:07 in every latitude of the planet we call up the attention of the major amount of people walking through their interiority, Light workers, spiritual Masters and whomsoever feels like joining because she/he feels these words are resonating within his/her own heart/center.

July the 7th 2020 is a door moving away from the current timeline, a door where a ray of Light filters in,
silently. This Light dwells since ever in the here and now and it’s available for everybody. The request to unite on this very date and hour (07:07) is needed in order to quicken the enlargement of the collective
consciousness, which will happen in a few years.

Warning: quickening and enlarging the collective consciousness do not mean to manipulate and/or take
decisions for the “sleepy” ones (free will is not malleable), but what it does mean is to SYNCRONICALLY UNITE BOTH THE STRENGHT OF LOVE AND THE ONE OF THE COLLECTIVE SPIRIT.

As a refrain says: unity is strength.

The effect will look like a “domino” game, or, if it’s easier to imagine it, like waves in the sea. Each of us is that precious piece that touches the shoulder of the companion (soul) which stands in front of him/her creating a net of a bright light connection around our own cities and nations.
What I want to underline is that this meditation (which has no instructions, read the article till the end to
understand what I’m talking about) has no clue in healing the planet, abundance or blessings to our earth.
The planet, Mother Earth, regenerates by herself. She has her own crystalline grid, her transformation
timings (which she respects) and that doesn’t depend on us. What happens with our pollution damages her
surface, her atmosphere, damaging us (her inhabitants); yet as every living being, when she gets sick she has her own antibodies. If our consciousness won’t align with the crystalline energy of Mother Earth, She will defend herself. As it should be.
What has happened in every city all around the planet during the quarantine has been a demostration of it.
Fourty days without human beings polluting her, and our planet began the healing process.

Several spiritual exponents (which I estimate), are spreading the message not to participate to collective
meditations. Their motivation is to be alert because in the collective eteric field there are some negative
energies (which take nourishment or are attracted by the Love energy that is radiated). This may be a
possibility, if we get into the meditation or we gather with a minimum amount of fear and without much

My message is the following one:
Whomsoever may unite to this meditation, yet if you have even a little doubt, a slight incertitude about
gathering to the collective intention of this meditation, don’t do it.
Simply because in order to prepare the path for the Critical Mass we need trustfull Consciousnesses, with a PURE intention, consciousnesses who can shield themselves by the fear input and can trust the universal
flow of love.
In case some people who are doubtful about the meditation will gather, we would get some cracks (created by fear) which will interfere with the energy flow, making it weak and easy to be “attacked”. Moreover, this may happen even and mostly if the union will be strong and trustfull.
Don’t worry. Love wins above all.

I also want to precise that these “attacks” happen daily on different levels. (for instance, watching the news on TV or while we go on our dream journeys)
No need to be afraid regarding collective meditations. Instead, exactly these meditations will be of help for the populations to see the wonder that are so close to us, beyond the matrix veil.
There will always be some opposite force to the collective intent.
That’s why the opposite of love is attracted to it and it creates fear.
That’s exactly the reason why, in order to reach the Critical Mass, we need time.
This is happening because the darkness perceives the power of union (We are all one – 11:11)
But…Love has no rivals, love is capable of everything.
And love requires courage. Courage comes from the heart (Your center).
And it’s exactly in the heart where miracles happen.
This meditation is collective, yet it is mainly individual.
It’s dedicated to humanity.

It’s dedicated to whomsoever feels the will to hold that door, from where the Light of here and now enters, and to open it. Move it away from that phoney reality that takes us apart from our Mother Earth and from our deeper Self.

A message to all the inhabitants of the planet.

I’m here kindly asking for your support.
July the 7th 2020 is an important date, it’s slightly possible that there will be many manifestations regarding the request to gather in meditation.
Always choose from your heart.
There’s no Light without darkness and there’s no darkness without Light.

Every call will have its own “weight”.
We are free beings, yet be careful in recognizing.
With Love, I’m here asking you to share these words of mine to every nook and corner of the planet.
My concern will be to forward this message towards many nations and cities.
We have time to reach a number of people as high as possible.
Remember: The Critical Mass which will radically change the collective consciousness will be of 7 billions people.

In order to involve and radiate 7 billions people, time is needed, let’s unite to pave the way for awareness.

The meditation has no rules.

There are no words or text to repeat.
I put a timing of 7 minutes just for a logistic purpose, that is the event reqires a beginning and a ending time.

I say it again, listen to your own heart, with the courage to open this door through number 7.
For ITALY (Country from where the initiative is coming) the meditation will start at 07:07 of July the 7th

For the other nations, everybody will do it at their own time zone, IT’S IMPORTANT THAT IT WILL TAKE PLACE AT 07:07 AM OF JULY THE 7TH 2020.

Whomsoever is reached by these words and wants to help sharing this event through his/her own nation may write here:

I will add the link to other languages in the dedicated article.
I will add to this article the referring links that you will send me, the links to be clicked on in order to find the article translated into other languages.
I kindly ask you to stick to the original text with your translation.
If you decide to modify the text, please contact me privately on the e-mail address you find above.
If through this message of mine you want to share the synchronized meditation on the same date but the text of yours is not the same of this article, I kindly ask you not to associate that event with the blog’s name “Diario di una ragazza indaco”.

In the discussion of the event I’m adding two useful links in order to understand the importance of a Critical Mass.

Thanks to each and every one who will participate and thank you for sharing it.
With infinite gratitude and Love,

Quando il caos si fermerà ci renderemo conto di quanto poco abbiamo bisogno, di quanto in realtà abbiamo e del vero valore della connessione umana.

Michela Marini

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